A Walk With Camden LLC is a company owned by Glenn Glazer under which he publishes his books.

Camden was Glenn's dog of 14 years, and was a wonderful friend and companion.

He passed away after a long battle with cancer in 2016.

Author and Illustrators

Glenn Glazer

Owner and Author


Glenn Glazer is a television meteorologist, former television talk show host, and former radio DJ.

Glenn has been writing poems and short stories since he was a child.

Most of Glenn's books are for children, but his first published book Don't Touch My Baby is a book for adults.

Ashleigh Walters


Ashleigh Walters is a television news anchor who earned degrees in both Journalism and Fine Arts Painting from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  She’s an avid painter and illustrator: www.ashleighwalters.net

Sarah LaPierre


Other books by glenn are coming soon.